This photo shows two items that have been added to the head. The best one as far as the first mate is concerned is the heater. We installed an Espar Heater this fall and it has been everything we had hoped for. It has open up many more days of sailing and cruising. Its even great just sitting at the dock, it does a more complete job of heating the boat, compared to an electric heater. Its quieter than the electric heater. This unit was installed by A&D Yacht Service in St. Helens, OR. Andrew and his crew did just a wonderful job of installing the unit. Now you can go into the head and have a warm seat to sit on and the morning shower you have a nice warm area.

The second item is called Earth Safe In-Line Treatment System. This head-chemical unit dispenses a biodegradable compound to clean and lubricate your head and hoses with each flush.


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